8:00am Early Morning

The “Early” Service offers a much more traditional style of programming than the “Mid-Morning” service. The service utilizes primarily hymns accompanied by pipe organ and piano.

Strong biblical preaching and communion, taken weekly, are other focuses of this service.

9:15 A Different Kind of Service

First Christian Church is excited to offer a different kind of service. Located in the Lighthouse, this service offers highly intensive music but a very relaxed environment where you can sit at a table with your friends, drink coffee, tea or energy drinks and hear and discuss how God’s word can make a difference in your life. We would love to see you soon.

10:30am Mid-Morning

The “Mid-Morning” service offers a wider variety of musical options.  Accompanied by a “praise band”, this service utilizes both hymns and choruses.  Strong biblical preaching, often combined with relevant video or drama, strives to meet the needs of both the heart and mind.