Community GroupsScripture is permeated with what it means to be a Godly community. In Deuteronomy 6, Moses exhorts the community of Israel to soak their lives together with the fear and the obedience to the Lord. In Acts 2, we find the community of believers meeting day by day in homes for fellowship, prayer, and the study of Scripture. And from there we find them blessing the fuller community with generosity and finding favor with all the people.

THE MISSION: FCC’s Community Groups exist to build community within the body of Christ through spiritual formation and maturity, study of God’s word, and connection into the fuller body of Christ.

THE GOAL: The goal is for FCC to transform from a church with Small Groups into a church of Small Groups. We want for real community to take place by living and sharing life together.

WHEN WILL THEY START? Our first Church-Wide kickoff will be at the end of August 2010. We are currently gathering Community Group Leaders and Hosts in preparation for this kickoff. If you are interested in leading, hosting, or participating in these groups in any way, contact Sam Butler at the FCC Office.